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evidence along with ipx6 waterproof however i still Otouch Review… wouldn’t suggest utilizing a dishwashing machine or running it through the dishwasher so simply take your toy cleaner clean it up yourself um it states there’s six various types of patterns as well as 3 different vibrations to me i couldn’t barely get past 2 and i’ll tell you why here in a minute but to go ahead and turn it on there’s the power button at the base hold it down 2 seconds now on the site it says it’s whisper quiet really really unwary kind of so you can have your own bit of you time silently i do not know if i think that unless you choose since here’s level one here is level 2 and here is the terrifying level 3 yeah i could hardly get up to two barely now the patterns that it goes through you can go ahead and press the power button and it will cycle through all of them just one click here’s one there’s two there’s three 4 5 6 and round robin there’s one now something that’s a cool feature about this that was probably my favorite was the temperature level control gauge that’s at the really leading limit control setting on it is 45 degrees celsius which is about 113 degrees fahrenheit and it gets quite warm best for the winter times due to the fact that nobody likes cold lube on their nethers it was okay as far as that kind of feature it couldn’t tell a distinction when it cycled through because it’s supposed to have a lower temperature level setting and a higher temperature level setting and i could not quite tell the difference you’re expected to push it as soon as then it triggers it and then push it once again to go on and go through the Otouch Review

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higher temperature setting if they say so still couldn’t discriminate of it so you go ahead and press the hold the power button for two seconds and it turns it off now to utilize the usb dc battery charger port the battery charger is a little hole that’s in the back right here just proceed and slip it through do not fret you will not break it it’s expected to proceed and consider that much and it’s expected to charge easily so the measurements on this are what kind of threw me a bit of a misstep because the full toy itself is approximately five inches five and five and a quarter the size of it for the opening part was about given that the flesh walls have a little bit of offer i would state right at about 2 inches which isn’t bad now here’s where the problem kind of pertains to play the depth on it is right under three that’s where it became unpleasant since why i wasn’t able to surpass the 2nd vibration setting was due to the fact that i am actually extremely sensitive and for those men who are a bit larger however not uncut which i’m really uncut i’m uncircumcised so my level of sensitivity is a little bit higher for those who are bigger and suffice might be a bit of an issue so sorry jonah this might be a bit small for you um that’s where i type of ran into a problem because on the third setting whenever i proceeded and stroked down it was really really undesirable it seemed like someone simply stuck wasps at the end of it and sort of shook it up actually agonizing really so comparison here’s average joe it’s roughly a great diameter for it excellent length however there again is where the problem is since if you were to go on and determine joe where 3 inches is for the insertable part yeah it would go roughly best about this far see how much is still left so if you’re someone that requires a little bit more of an intensity whenever you stroke that’s not a fantastic concept it’s not perfect thanks joe so bottom line did i like this toy it was all right being that this is the 2nd toy that i’ve ever used before it wasn’t bad what i really liked about it was the temperature feature would i always wish to buy it for myself no


and just because there’s only one way for me to leave with this and this is how i did it because my sensitivity kept me from going to the back wall and i could not stroke everything the way i had to insert and actually twist which’s how i was able to leave now being that it’s not precisely developed for that that’s where it came into issue where fingers would slip not exactly meant for that that’s why those finger grips resemble this it’s implied to be a real oral cup which’s where i did not like it regrettable i had high ups for it whenever she handed it to me anyways so hope you took pleasure in the review and as constantly make sure [Music] you Otouch Review